Unique Ancora The Earth Pen


Unique Ancora The Earth Pen

Ancora is one of the eldest Italian pen manufacturers - presents a unique pen “The Earth”, released in a single copy.

The Earth – a small white and blue dot in the surrounding space gloom. Every king and peasant, every politician or businessman, every "superstar," every loving couple, every warlord lived here - on this speck in the sunlight.

We are the earth. Everyone you love, everyone you know, every ever existed man has lived his life on it. Earth - is our home, and we have no others. We should value and cherish our little world.

Paying tribute to this strong element, Ancora masters used all their experience and skills, to create a masterpiece in the world of pens. Several months of hard work of the best jewelers and cutters embodied in Ancora “The Earth” Pen, created in white 18 carat gold and adorned with 1485 diamonds (total weight 14,9 carat) and 2261 sapphires (total weight of 24,57 carats). The Unique Ancora “The Earth” Pen presented in luxurious globe-shaped crystal box.

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