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International Warranty Ancora

High quality, reliability and functionality of the pens is guaranteed by many years of experience together with the newest technological developments of Ancora 1919 company. Only the most expensive and original materials are used for production of Ancora pens.

According to Ancora 1919 company regulations warranty service can be performed only by official service centers Ancora 1919. Ancora pens are provided with international warranty for reparation in an official service center Ancora 1919 within 12-month period from the date of purchase.

Only the parts, which faultiness was confirmed by representatives of an official service center Ancora 1919, may be substituted and repaired under the warranty service coupon.

International warranty does not cover the faults, caused by external actions (stroke or consequence of careless handling, high temperatures and humidity), the warranty also does not apply in cases if the product has been repaired not by an official service center.

In order to use our warranty service you should present a filled coupon with the specified purchase date and seal of an official dealer of Ancora1919 to the representatives of the service center Ancora 1919.

Ancora pens keep the status of smart, reliable and prestigious writing instruments.

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