We disclaim mass production in favor of manual labor, the brand ensures its future, based on the strong traditions of the past, being thus true to its founder and name.
New project: Charles the Great (Carlo Magno), 50 roller balls and 50 Fountain pens!
Acrylic resin, brass, gold plated, enamel, 18 K nib
Price on request
Great educational reforms, victorious wars and reverent love to family and friends are combined in the biography of Charles the Great.

Not every ruler in world history was destined to become a hero of the national epic and get the honorary title of the Great.

The era of Charlemagne is called the Carolingian Renaissance. He gathered at the court the most educated people of the time, contributed to the opening of schools, not only for the nobility, but also for the middle class.

It was he who contributed to the collection of ancient chronicles , which were corresponded and systematized in special scriptories at monasteries. The abandoned lands were developed, new cities, bridges and roads were built.

In 2018 the Anсora company released a pen dedicated to this Great Man. The body of this truly royal pen is decorated with miniatures reflecting the style of that epoch. The Ancora masters combined in a delightful combination the royal colors: gold, scarlet and deep blue.
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