The history of Ancora is not only the chronology of one of the first Italian companies producing exclusive pens, but also the story of its creator, Giuseppe Zanini, who in 1900 was able to gain the necessary life experience that led him, many years later, to realize his long-standing dream: to create perfect Ancor pens in his own factory.
Now Ancora means under its brand the best Italian traditions, combined with the very history of pens in its most significant incarnation.

New project: Charles the Great (Carlo Magno), 50 roller balls and 50 Fountain pens!

Great educational reforms, victorious wars and reverent love to family and friends are combined in the biography of Charles the Great.

Not every ruler in world history was destined to become a hero of the national epic and get the honorary title of the Great.

The era of Charlemagne is called the Carolingian Renaissance. He gathered at the court the most educated people of the time, contributed to the opening of schools, not only for the nobility, but also for the middle class.

It was he who contributed to the collection of ancient chronicles , which were corresponded and systematized in special scriptories at monasteries. The abandoned lands were developed, new cities, bridges and roads were built.

In 2018 the Anсora company released a pen dedicated to this Great Man. The body of this truly royal pen is decorated with miniatures reflecting the style of that epoch. The Ancora masters combined in a delightful combination the royal colors: gold, scarlet and deep blue.

Ancora jewelry pens are made in a unique style, which is a combination of four basic elements:

  • innovation and know-how;
  • a special type of filling system, which by reducing pressure allows you to save up to 40% of ink;
  • use of precious metals and valuable materials (ebonite, silver and gold, titanium, marble, precious stones, lava);
  • application in the painting of the technique of lacquer miniature and inlay of the case of pens with mother-of-pearl, which implies completely manual labor. 

For the first time a pen with a metal pen became known in the early 1800s.
Feathers made of steel very quickly replaced goose ones, since they were an example of reliability and durability.

Over time, most manufacturers started producing feathers from precious metals - gold, silver - or from platinum group metals (rhodium, osmium, iridium), which are super-wear resistant, which allowed to increase the pen feather lifetime many times over.

In the modern world, feathers with a combined composition are often found: the tip is made of iridium, and the "body" of the feather is golden.

All the stages of Ancora production are still concentrated in Italy.

In particular, the company prefers to make pen nibs in its own factory, using 18-karat gold.

The combination of modern technologies for the production of collection pens and the traditional decoration of cylinders with precious metals and processed sea shells creates genuine art, so appreciated by any owner or collector of Ancora pens.

Fountain pens are a special style and adherence to traditions. Italians from the company Ancora would say that the fountain pen is not just a classic. It's a lifestyle. Ancora gives you the opportunity to buy a pen as a gift.

Elite pen is able to transform the appearance of the owner, visibly adding an image of refinement and respectability.
The use of collector pens creates an inexpressible sense of creativity, proximity to eternity and true art.

Buying a pen as a gift, it is necessary to consider different types
of feather design:
  • Pen with open feather. The surface is completely open and can be decorated with engraving, miniature, inlaid with precious stones. This is the classic and most common kind of nibs.
  • A pen with semi-closed feather. In this case, the ebonite body closes the “body”" to the hole. There are not so often, because the difference from a pen with an open nib here is purely decorative and serves only to reduce the weight of the pen. If you are thinking about buying a pen as a gift to the manager, this criterion can be decisive from an aesthetic point of view.
  • Pen with closed nib. Almost the entire surface of the pen in such a pen is hidden, only the writing tip is left. According to the owners, such pens contribute to a smoother writing, because the distance from the place where the feather is fixed to the tip is much smaller. In addition, the fountain pen, if not used at the moment, can be kept open longer.