Year of birth of Giuseppe Zanini

Year of birth of Giuseppe Zanini – the founder of one of the oldest firms in Italy for the manufacture of fountain pens. Interest in the world of stationery originated in Zanini with the first, a gift from a relative of an American fountain pen. At that time fountain pens were considered a luxury item in Italy, as they were imported from other countries and, therefore, were very expensive. Giuseppe Zanini made the decision: in spite of the fact that the market of pens practically does not exist, nothing can prevent him from striving to develop the equipment necessary for production.


Foundation of "Ancora"

Giuseppe true to his dream, immediately after the First World War in 1918 buys a store in Bologna for the sale of office supplies and writing utensils. Namely there from 1919 he started producing fountains pen under the name of Ancora, having opened his own representative office.


Opening of the factory "Sesto Calende"

Having gained experience in commercial activities, Zanini establishes a pen production factory in Sesto Calende. From this moment the uniform style of the company begins to be formed.


Formation "Ancora"

Thanks to his ability to experiment in production, Zanini opens up not just a factory, but an industrial enterprise in the full sense of the word in Arona, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Illustrazione Italia wrote about this: "In our opinion, the main advantage of Ancora pens is that they are produced in Italy, on Italian equipment, from Italian raw materials, by Italian workers and engineers.


Opening of the factory "Sesto Calende"

The brand Ancora has for many decades been faithful to the quality standards established at the beginning of the century by Giuseppe Zanini. Aesthetics and technical reliability never receded into the background, even in models of the average price range. But despite all the efforts the crisis associated with the advent of ballpoint pens, created by the brothers Laszlo and Georg Biro, could not survive, because because of the high share of manual labor in production, the Ancora pens were quite expensive.


Continuation of traditions

After death of Zanini the enterprise passes to his son Alfredo who continues his family traditions with dignity. Inspired by the heyday of “dolce vita” which has come to Italy after World War II, Alfredo begins to get involved in various technological innovations: Ancora launches three high-quality pens “Dama”, “Maxima” and “Lusso” – excellent in design and comply with the style of the era.


The second birth of the company

The era of the company's second birth which began with the acquisition of Ancora from the heirs of Zanini by Giovani Santini – a collector of retro pens. His interest in pens repeats the story of the company’s founding father. Santini collected retro pens and for several years was the owner of a store in Turin. The passion with which he got down to business was exactly the same like energy with which Giuseppe Zanini himself released his products at the dawn of the brand's formation.


Continuation of traditions

In this year the legendary company Ancora celebrates its 90th anniversary. For almost a century of history the company has kept the original technological traditions of producing its own feathers, which have the world’s smallest filling system that reduces pressure and which saves up to 40% of ink.

It resumed the use in the production of pens such a complex for processing material like mother of pearl, inevitably meaning manual processing.

And it does not cease to develop new models of exclusive pens that can satisfy the most demanding tastes of collectors: Saint George, Luca Signorelli, Kazan Kremlin and many others.