Avicenna Pen Collection for the Medic Day

Annually on third Sunday of June the Day of Medical Worker is celebrated in Russia. Doctors and other specialists working in this field get congratulations on the Medic Day. The Ancora company offers you a unique collection of Avicenna Pens, which is dedicated to one of the greatest medical scientists in history not only of the East, but the entire world. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) wrote more than 450 works in 29 discipline, only 274 of which reached these days. "The Canon of Medicine" Avicenna gained world fame.

This work has been preserved to our times - one of the major medical works of Avicenna. "Canon of Medicine" - a medical encyclopedia, in which Ibn Sina presents all that relates to the prevention and treatment of diseases - theory and practice. The exact date of the completion of the "Canon" is not set, it is presumably in 1025. There is a legend about the last hours of Ibn Sina: The great doctor, sensed the death approaching decided to fight it. Day and night, for many years, he studied the affections of various plants, secrets of drugs to good purpose.

Ibn Sina decided to win the death. With the weak hands he cooked forty different drugs spilled medicines in forty different vessels, wrote a number on each vessel. Then he called his ardent disciple. "Listen to me carefully - he said to the student. - My strength weakened, and probably tomorrow I'll die. But I will not die, if you use all these forty remedies under the procedure I tell you. "And he began to dictate. The first remedy was supposed to pour into his mouth. Another remedy to rub his chest. Third - back. Fourth - the legs. Fifth again pour into the mouth. And so till the forties.

The next day the great doctor fainted. Lifeless body of an emaciated old man laid before the disciple. Dry weak hands, sunken cheeks, and only high forehead told of the deep secrets of Ibn Sina's mind... Nervous disciple took the first vessel with the medicine. Then - the second, the third, the fourth. He did everything the teacher told him to do. Took tenth vessel, twentieth, thirtieth ... Gradually aged body of the old man turned into a flourishing body of young man. The breathing appeared, cheeks turned pink. A strong handsome man with wise face laid in front of disciple. The fortieth remedy left. The last medicine was to strengthen the life that gave to Ibn Sina the previous thirty nine.

Having drunken the last remedy, the teacher had to open your eyes, take a deep breath, smile and stand up. The disciple was so impressed by this miraculous transformation that suddenly the fortieth vessel fell to the ground from his shaking hands and rolled over. Medication spilled on the sand, went deep into the earth ... In a few minutes the lifeless body of the teacher laid in front of the disciple.